Best Female Masturbation Techniques

With so many different types of stimulation to explore, it’s hard to pick one or two to focus on.  We’re here to encourage you to explore them all. And don’t forget, just like your palate changes, your sexual tastes change as well.

Why not try a new approach?

small adjustment can create an entirely new sensation. Something as simple as adjusting your rhythm or frequency can give you a totally different experience. Try applying different amounts of pressure through your movements.  

Is focus an issue? Let go of the distraction of orgasm. Instead, direct your thoughts on your feelings, sensations, and the experience. Allow yourself to enjoy it. Still having trouble?  Try a five or ten-minute meditation session before or even while caressing yourself.

Focus on the breath.  You may just surprise yourself.   

Take the time to get to know you. The better you understand what feels good to you, the more comfortable you’ll be both inside and outside the bedroom.  Did you know that women who masturbate tend to have better self-perception and confidence? 

One final added benefit of masturbation – communication. When you know what you like, it's easier to communicate that to your partner.  And don’t forget to explore the erogenous zones outside of your breasts and vulva. Our Erogenous zones extend practically throughout the body.   

Female Masturbation Techniques

The Warm Up

Getting into the mood with soft caresses and gentle cuppingIf you aren’t already in the mood, the warm-up can help you get there.  With your non-dominant hand, gently cup your genitals. Using your dominant hand, touch and caress areas of your body. It doesn’t have to be erotic, you can use a sensual touch or even a playful one. You want to explore how you experience different types of touch.  What does your cupping hand feel like?  How about if you pulse or gently rock that hand. Use this time to better understand what you enjoy.

The Cuddle

The cuddle is a female masturbation technique where you cradle your vulvaYou can keep your cradled hand over your clothes or slip your fingers underneath the fabric.  Using two or three fingers apply gentle pressure to the entire vulva area. For variation try some of the techniques below.

The Rub

Sketch of a Circular rub pattern demonstrating female masturbationThis motion is more about maintaining contact and alternating pressure. Start with two fingers in an up and down motion around your clitoris. Rub your fingers as far down as you find pleasurable and then return.  You can also achieve a similar yet different sensation with circles. Prefer penetration?  Try circling your entrance with one or two fingers.  Enjoy clitoral stimulation? You may also like rubbing above the clitoral hood, on the top of your mound. Start with one finger and small circles. There is no right or wrong way to masturbate.  It’s about you and discovering what you like.

The Tap 

Sketch of a Tap pattern demonstrating female masturbationWhere the rub is about maintaining contact, the tap’s crucial component is the space between contact. The tap can be concentrated with one finger or a broader sensation with your whole hand.  Begin by placing one finger around your entrance or clitoris. Explore what it feels like to add fingers. Try both a coordinated tap and a varied tap. You may find you enjoy one or another approach at different stages of your arousal cycle. Appreciate vibrators? Try tapping more frequently.  See suggestions under the pleasure of pattern for more ideas.


Internal diagram of female penetration masturbation techniqueStart with the tip of your finger and lightly circle your entrance. Slowly penetrate with one finger and work up to what is comfortable to you. You can use an in and out movement, a come hither movement or some variation of circles.  This pairs well with a tap or rub of the clitoral area with your other hand.

The Tease

Female masturbation technique teasing the vulvaGently explore everywhere but your most sensitive areas.  If you enjoy direct clitoral stimulation, you’ll move around that areas and avoid it entirely or gently brush it occasionally.  You can stroke up and down, left to right or in circles. Prefer penetration? Hover near your entrance. Focus your play around that area, with only occasional penetration. Another variation on this approach is to keep a finger or toy near your opening and touch another part of your body like your breasts or clit.

The Pleasure of Pattern

Music note representing using different patterns of movement like a beatWhat’s your favorite song? Think about it and then tap your foot to the beat. That’s rhythm. And your repeated moves in the bedroom—whether it’s rubbing, tapping or penetrating and no matter what tool you’re using a finger, tongue, penis or toy—all have a rhythm.  Try listening to a different type of music or audio to help you try a new pattern.


The best advice we can offer: Stay in touch with your body. Understand what you like and don't like and never stop exploring.

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