Male Masturbation, Best Ways to Masturbate


Tips and Tricks for Male Masturbation

Routine or spontaneous?

The more consistent your self-pleasure practice, the more you’ll learn to rely on that type of stimulation.

Why not try a new approach?

A small adjustment can create an entirely new sensation. If you typically concentrate kinetic energy in your hand, try engaging your torso and leaving your grasp stationary. Sex isn’t just a tactical experience. If you’ve ever enjoyed porn or read erotic fiction, you’ve experienced first-hand the effect your brain has on your cock. Explore the erogenous zones outside of your penis.  Do you know how you receive other touches – your testicles, nipples or other areas of your skin?  Erogenous zones extend practically throughout the body.   

The better you understand what feels good to you, the better you’ll be able to communicate that to a partner. There is nothing sexier than someone who knows what they like. 

Male Masturbation Techniques

The "O"

Male masturbation technique where the index finger and thumb create an o shapeThis form is a basic technique where you connect your thumb and index finger forming an “O”.  Loosely keep your other fingers together but spaced a bit apart from the O.  Focus your back and forth motion on the tip of your penis where the head meets the shaft. Vary the speed and the tightness of your hold to create different sensations.


The Tunnel

Male masturbation technique where all fingers wrap around the body of the penisThis is a full hand variation of the O.  Gently connect all four of your fingers with your thumb, creating the illusion of a tunnel with your hand. This technique works well over the entire shaft. Start at the base of your penis and work up past the head, then back down again. Try leaving your hand motionless and thrust your pelvis to achieve a different experience. If you’re tempted to move your hand, turn it upside down so that your thumb and index finger are touching your lower abdomen.


The Squeeze*

Using the full hand variation from above, you’ll alternate the pressure along the head and shaft “squeezing” as you move your hand.  Another variation of this technique is to palm your hand around the head of your penis before heading back down the shaft.


The Other

With only about 1% of the population truly ambidextrous, give your non-dominant hand a try.  Masturbate with one of the beginner techniques listed above, but this time if you typically jerk off with your right hand, give the lefty a try. Such a slight variation may feel like a totally different person taming your dragon.



ITwo handed, interlocked masturbation technique for mennterlock your fingers and bring your opposing palms close together. Wrap your woven hands around your shaft and run your interlaced fingers up and down. Enjoy the added bulk of your grip and the change of texture provided by the weave of your fingers.


The Double Fist

Two Hand Grip Male Masturbation Technique Stack your hands one on top of the other. Engage in the full hand tunnel with both. While using both hands alternate the pressure.  For a different experience, give one the dominant role and switch. In another variation move each hand left to right in opposing directions, like you're wringing out a towel. 


The best advice we can offer: Never stop exploring.

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* I’m not referring to the method where you squeeze the tip of the penis to reduce blood flow and help with increased stamina. That’s a Masters and Johnson technique of training for premature ejaculation.

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