Ménage à moi... Masturbation and You, a love story


Sexual expression is as important to a healthy lifestyle as exercise and eating right.  This is true for both men and women.  Masturbation is a positive, healthy experience.

Encourage it. Embrace it.

With the myriad of distractions and commitments we maintain, masturbation is an opportunity to be in the present, to connect with your body and get to know yourself in a physical sense.  Remember masturbation is about you, not your partner, not any intimacy challenges you may have.  It’s about getting in touch with yourself and taking the time for self-care and self-exploration.

As you age, your body changes.  Your lifestyle adjusts.  You may find that your desire and pleasure experiences change as well. 

Be open to understanding what feels good,

no matter where you are in life.

Knowing yourself increases your confidence both in the bedroom and outside. By taking charge of your body, you are able to learn what feels good, what you like.  Whether you’ve been with the same lover for years or are just getting to know someone new, having this knowledge of your body empowers you to be a better lover and to communicate your desires better.  It makes for a better experience for everyone involved.    

The most important step here is patience. 

Orgasm is not something to be controlled or even required.  This is about the journey of pleasure.  Be patient with yourself. Take time to touch and love yourself. Explore your entire body as an erogenous zone. Your fingertips are full of nerves – experience the dual sensation of touching yourself and being touched.  Don’t worry – you can’t tickle yourself so feel free to explore with different pressures and techniques. 

Many women find that they can achieve orgasm if the stimulation is kept constant once they reach a certain level of arousal.  Others discover that they need a different type of experience to get them there. There is no one-stop-orgasm-shop. We’re all different.  Sex toys and sexual aids often help, especially if you enjoy multiple sensory experiences – dual stimulation, penetration and external stimulation, anal and vaginal penetration. 

Discover what you like and enjoy your body.  You won’t only be more confident, you’ll enjoy the general health and welfare benefits of masturbation – muscle engagement, increased heart rate, breathing, stress relief, bonding (if done with a partner), better sleep, better body image, improved immunity and harder/longer erections for men. 

Explore sex toys designed with you in mind. It's your love story, masturbate. 

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