Treat her to a night she won't forget

Planning a special day for your special someone? Mother’s Day is a great way to show appreciation for the woman in your life. Treat her to a night she’ll remember.

Sensual Start

A warm bath, lit candles and a glass of her favorite wine. Give her a luxurious bubble bath and show how much you care. 

A Soft Touch

Invest in a good bottle of massage oil, stay away from flavored or gimmicky brands. A subtle scent, in the relaxation spectrum is a great bet.  Suggest that she get comfortable and disrobe. Start with her shoulders and back. Work in the knots. Take your time and really feel her.

A new experience

Experiment together. Is she creative? Maybe a paint night or pottery event is right up her alley. Does she prefer outdoor activities? Try kayaking, canoeing or a hike to a new location. Pack a bottle of wine, snacks and a blanket for a romantic picnic. 

The Focus is on her

Spend time focused solely on her pleasure.  Let her know that it isn’t about the orgasm or reciprocity. You want to make her feel good. Let her lay back and receive. Take your time and explore what she likes. Use your fingers, your mouth, toys. 

Most women don’t climax through penetration alone. Try combining a toy like the Mimic Vulva Vibrator or Minna Life Limon to your couple play. Both toys can be utilized during penetration. If you are not ready to add a toy to your sex life, try accessorizing - a vibrating cock ring like the Je Joue Mio will give her a little boost that the two of you can share.

For some ideas on manual play, check out our masturbation techniques for women, they offer a great starting point for partner play.

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