NobEssence Romp, Wood Prostate Massage & Butt Plug

NobEssence Romp, Prostate Massage & Butt Plug

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The NobEssence Romp is hand-sculpted to give a satisfyingly snug fit for anal play.  The tapered tip and large bulb nestle firmly between your cheeks for a fit unlike most butt plugs on the market.  Lube generously and slowly slip the Romp's three and a half inches of insertable length into your body.  The unique shape makes it a perfect beginner anal toy.  Use it for playtime or leave it in for daily activities. The lightweight wood fits so unobtrusively, the occasional shift or pulse is a thrilling reminder of the toy.  

Wood toys such as the NobEssence Romp are especially suited to people who may experience reactions to other materials or sensitivities to odors. The finish is completely Phthalate-free inert, odorless and colorless forming an impermeable barrier to chemicals and bacteria. Compatible with a variety of lube, NobEssence toys can be used with oils, water- and silicone-based lubricants.  You won't find the typical drag that you would with a silicone toy.  A little lube will go a long way.  As with all good quality wood toys, the NobEssence is smooth, non-porous and lightweight, clocking in about as heavy as a golf ball. 

Clean your toys before and after use to keep them and you in tip top shape. Wood toys can be washed with warm water and non-abrasive soap or wiped down with anti-bacterial/microbial cleaner such as alcohol, bleach, peroxide, etc.  For use as an anal toy, it's especially important that you clean your Romp with anti-bacterial cleaners.  Rub it down with a soft cloth and leave your toy out in the open as you would any museum-quality sculptural art or store it in its premium storage box.

Impact has the potential to damage the toy.  To test the integrity of the toy, immerse it in water for a few seconds. Does the area in question darken after being submerged?  Wipe the toy down.  If the area that darkens remains damp when the surrounding area is dry, the toy should no longer be used. A wood dildo is light weight, non-porous, long lasting and eco-friendly, with wood sourced from sustainably managed/farmed exotic hardwoods.


Nitty Gritty

Level: Beginner 

Feature: Prostate Massage (P-spot) Butt Plug  

Materials: Body safe polymer coated wood

Power:  N/a

Waterworks: 100% Waterproof

Heft: 1.7 oz


*Your NobEssence is hand sculpted.  Each piece is unique and may vary slightly from the size descriptions and pictures.

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